Visit the new Cornell Dairy Bar

1 Cheers.

Jenn added this goal on Wednesday January 15, 2014 @ 8:25am.

I'm headed to Ithaca for a mini-conference in February and you can be CERTAIN that I'll be taking a trip to the Dairy Bar. (In fact, I'm secretly hoping that they'll have ice cream for dessert during the conference).

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Shionguha Jan 26, 2014

yay ! I can accompany you there ! haven't been there for the new incarnation yet. still remember the old one - triple chocolate chunk ftw !

Phil Jan 27, 2014

When in Feb? I'm here the whole time... except for CSCW.

Jenn Jan 27, 2014

@philadams Feb 21-22 I think? Are you around then?

For documentation purposes: I made TWO trips to the Dairy Bar while I was on campus and it was closed both times. Sad indeed.

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Shionguha Feb 23, 2014

you did "visit" you know. :P

Phil Feb 28, 2014

that totally sucks!