Build a simple iPhone app

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Jenn added this goal on Sunday January 19, 2014 @ 2:40pm.

I know the app I want to build - which is progress, considering for the last 4-5 years it's always been "I want to build an app but I don't know what to build".

This past weekend I made my 1,029,483th attempt at learning Objective C to no avail. I'm not giving up though. I found what looks like a really great series/course on learning iOS development and it launches later this week. I pre-enrolled at the peak of my frustration in hopes that putting the money down would compel me to go through with it.

The first app I want to build is actually pretty simple... I'm hoping simple enough that I'll be able to piece it together by the end of this course.

Then... maybe then... I'll take yet another stab at building an iOS app for Some day.

Progress Report added Jan 22, 2014.

SO excited to finally have completed this goal. Another one that's been on my list for years. My first app is free to download in the App Store now! I also wrote a bit about the experience.

Progress Report added Feb 27, 2014.

Jenn reached this goal on Thursday February 27, 2014 @ 4:01pm!