Plant a windowsill herb/veggie garden

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Jenn added this goal on Monday December 9, 2013 @ 9:46pm.

I actually ended up planting a real, in the ground, garden, so counting that! I should have my first tomato this week!

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Phil Dec 23, 2015

Tasty? What's in the garden for the spring?

Jenn Dec 23, 2015

I don't eat tomatoes so who knows how it came out. My garden for '15 was a bit of a fail. I had a few green beans, some strawberries, and some scallions, but on the whole it wasn't very productive. It didn't help that I left town for 3 weeks in the dead of summer so my plants kind of cooked in the heat. I'm going to hatch a better plan for 2016!

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