Hack a small project using hardware components

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Jenn added this goal on Sunday December 15, 2013 @ 9:00am.

I've always had a fascination with hardware - I think it's mostly because of the soldering, but I also love the idea of creating something physical that's "alive" somehow.

I've always wanted to try to build something with an Arduino, but I'm totally intimidated by it. This year is the year I'm going to get over that.

I backed an adorable project on Kickstarter called Little Robot Friends that I'm looking forward to trying out.

I'll document my attempts here, but also dump any random ideas I have for future projects.

The first came up in a conversation I had yesterday about making San Francisco feel more like NYC. I thought a fun way to do that would be to have a little replica of the Empire State Building (perhaps 3D printed). Obviously that's too simple. I would add some LEDs to it and parse the @EmpireLights Twitter account and sync the model Empire State Building to match the real one.

Having an actual project in mind makes it feel far less intimidating. Might be time to do some research on the hardware components I'll need!

Progress Report added Jan 22, 2014.