discard ten things every day

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Laurence added this goal on Sunday January 1, 2017 @ 10:11pm.

Jenn 2 months ago

woah this one is cool/intimidating! does throwing out an old, busted pen count? what about an empty cereal box? or are we talking non-consumables?

Laurence 2 months ago

I admit I pondered the same very questions, so I am so glad you comment, as it shows these are legit questions!

As I got already "behind" my micro-goal yesterday, I am deciding against counting the garbage that I would have thrown anyways without a beat (otherwise one would count tissues and toilet paper), but will allow myself counting one when I bring the recycled bags to the recycling bin!

And, yes, I agree, it turns out to be much more intimidating that I initially thought when I drafted the goal: I am glad I have announced it, because that will encourage me not to give up after what I hope to be difficult beginnings to become soon a habit ~ with not too much "cheating"!

I guess I could (should?) write a whole essay about the underlying psychology of the pack-rat!! :-)

Laurence 2 months ago


Laurence 2 months ago

And yes, throwing out these old busted but still cherished pen can count!

Laurence 2 months ago

Painfully making slower progress than I thought I would make after one working week of tending to this small goal.

I keep looking around at my very cluttered environment and not being spurred to action.

The thought process is clogging the action.

It is interesting to look at myself from the outside, being paralyzed, but not really useful!

I feel brainy.

Uh oh.

So far (1/7/17) not going so well. If I had reached the pace, the update should be at 70 not 17. It is being harder than expected. This is a packrat issue, and I am dealing with letting go of some high anxiety level.

Progress Report added 2 months ago.

First time today that I felt enough energy to make a breakthrough and get the mininum ten things out of the house! Felt amazing!

Progress Report added 2 months ago.

So, today, while I managed to get stuff out, I bought a replacement for a dish rack that was beaten and once I got it into the kitchen, still decided I could use the dish rack with the new basin (the old one did go in the garbage, but now I am left with a new dish rack that I am not using! the life of a pack rat... can't get myself to change... the new one may look new but I still don't like it as much as the old one... and we are talking DISH RACK for heaven's sake!! who gets attached to a plastic dish rack? who? save me!!!)

Progress Report added 2 months ago.

A good dent today, that feels good.The weather was so mild, it allowed to feel like Spring cleaning

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